Studio Photos 05/13/12 (Part 1)

Last weekend (May 13th) after taking photos of Diamanda (which I still need to publish) I decided to start a new Zombuki doll using Pullip Peter Pan as the base. It was quasi-prepped but I still had to sand off all the makeup, which I did while watching Myth Busters. The loops are something I’ve been doodling a lot on paper lately so I decided to use them in the design, after that I wanted her to feel kind of “Magical Girl” so I added the wings around her eyes. It’s hard to see in this photo but there’s a scallop pattern on her forehead as well.

Before my hiatus I had gotten to the point where I could paint them without sketching, but no more, I definitely needed to lay the pattern out before I started on this one. After about two hours I had to take a break, which is usually when I take photos, so I’ll have a Part 2 post up sometime soon. I have no idea if this next part will be of interest to anyone, but I thought it might be helpful to fellow toy customizers if I list my supplies used in the studio posts so …

Supplies Used:

Cotin Doll wig
Craft Smart Pale Blue
Delta Ceramcoat Pop Pink 02646
Delta Ceramcoat Lisa Pink 02084
Loew-Cornell 5/0 Spotter 7650
American Painter 5/0 Spotter 4650

~ Ms. Bee



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