Monster High Doll Rochelle Goyle

I’ve seen the Monster High dolls in Target before and they’re quite interesting, lovely even, but this Rochelle Goyle is the first I’ve ever owned. I bought her yesterday because someone on the Facebook page suggested that I give customizing a Monster High doll a shot. I’ve seen a couple of customs in passing so I knew it was possible and the head gives the same (or slightly more) space to work with as the Little Pullip heads. Worst case scenario I’m out $20, right?

I like that the doll’s backs are so bent they almost look broken and they have enormous feet. I ended up picking Rochelle Goyle out of all the dolls at Target because I love skin tone – it’s gray with bits and flecks so it resembles stone – and I really like her skirt. The ears are a nice bonus too, but I particularly like her hair, which I’m going to leave as-is, because I just want this to be a fun little custom and don’t want to get into all the seriousness of re-rooting. The bummer is that they put lots of glue in the hair to keep it flat and under control, poor doll. Also, the head is soft and squishy, which for some reason I didn’t expect.

The doll itself is so pretty I really didn’t buy it just as an art supply, I also wanted to photograph it before it underwent the studio treatment. Thanks to acetone nail polish remover the paint on the face flies off, but at the moment I’ve left the eyebrows because I’m not going to remove the head/hair and I don’t want to paint under glue-stiffened bangs. Like I said, this is a “just for fun” custom job. Will post progress photos of course, wish me luck not failing horribly (which is definitely an option)!

~ Ms. Bee



    • Thank you! I just posted the first (possibly only) studio post about her. The Monster High dolls really are fun to customize, the face is very charming.

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