Studio Photos 05/19/12

Well, you knew it was coming I’m sure, but here are the day one studio photos of my first attempt at customizing a Monster High doll. I’m really enjoying it! As previously mentioned I used acetone nail polish remover to take off the stock paint. After that I washed her – to get the acetone off – and her hair, which had the huge perk of washing out all the glue! I’d rather have fluffy bangs than glue-caked bangs any day, plus the hair is of surprisingly nice quality.

I’m definitely not used to painting eyes like this and I’m sure she won’t be perfect, but I’m happy with how she’s going. Painting tiny heads is faster – this photo was taken about 2/3rds of the way through a 3.5 hour studio day – but it’s much harder since I literally have to hold my breath while I’m working. Today I mostly have finishing stuff (like gloss and sealing) and a lot of touch up, but I really hope I can finish her today. The biggest project is that one of the pupils is off center just a hair and it drove me batty all evening so I have to get that fixed first. Wish me luck!

~ Ms. Bee

Supplies Used:

Monster High Rochelle Goyle doll
Delta Ceramcoat White 02505
Delta Ceramcoat Lisa Pink 02084
Delta Ceramcoat Turquoise 02012
Delta Ceramcoat Laguna Blue 02418
Delta Ceramcoat Hippo Grey 02090
American Painter 5/0 Spotter 4650
American Painter 10/0 Spotter 4650



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