Studio Photos 05/13/12 (Part 2)

I really need to post these sooner or I’m going to start forgetting what was going on. I think this was around hour 6 when I finally stopped for my last break. I can only work about 2 hours at a time or I start really losing track of what I’m doing and I’ll be totally oblivious to any mistakes. By this point I felt like this girl was very Sailor Moon inspired, probably since I’m reading the manga reissue, so I decided to give her a red lip. The scallop pattern on the forehead is barely visible under her bangs, it will just kind of be an interesting touch in the end, even though it looks so overwhelming here.

So even though these photos were taken a week ago I’m still on this stage: picking the eyes. It’s probably the most important part since the eyes will really make or break a custom. Everything else: the eyelashes, eyelids, finishing the forehead scallops, sealing, all of that I finished after work this past week, but I’m still stuck on the eyes. I even put her completely together and now I’m probably going to take her apart again just to swap out the eye chips. I went with blue with a black pupil but the black just screamed out at me and I couldn’t focus on anything else, so today I’m going to try a blue eye (same chips, I somehow had two pairs) with a blue pupil. I’m also custom painting a pair of boots for her so hopefully they’ll be done today too. I want to finish her up so I can take photos!

~ Ms. Bee

Supplies Used:

Cotin Doll wig
Ixtee (top left) and Cool Cat (the rest) eye chips
Craft Smart Pale Blue
Delta Ceramcoat Pop Pink 02646
Delta Ceramcoat Lisa Pink 02084
Delta Ceramcoat Pop Pink 02646
Delta Ceramcoat Napthol Crimson 02408
Loew-Cornell 5/0 Spotter 7650
American Painter 5/0 Spotter 4650
Crayola craft brushes angle brush (yellow)



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