Studio Photos 05/22-25/11

Okay so I have finished photos to show, but I just realized that it’s the 1 year anniversary aka “birthday” of me making Diamanda, the Byul in my “Hello Again” post. She is a companion piece to Byul “Hold On” and her original name was “Let Go.” It’s probably no shock, but she was completely and entirely inspired by the beautiful art toy above, made by Emily Bee, which has the distinction of being the only customized toy I’ve ever bought. I adore Emily and this piece has a lot of personal meaning to me, it not only inspired Diamanda, but it inspired me to keep her under wraps for a year. There are so many photos I’m going to post thumbnails below and you can navigate through them that way, if you are so inclined.

I worked on her for three studio days and her base is Byul Humpty Dumpty, I kept her eyebrows intact because I absolutely loved the severe arch of the eyebrow on this doll. The green wig is from Cotin Doll, it’s one of my favorite wigs of all time, and reminds a lot of Kimi’s wig which was a custom order. She’s Day of the Dead inspired; just looking at her makes me want to make another Dia doll. Finished photos of Diamanda will be up soon.



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