Zombuki Usa-ko on Black

Please say hello to Usa-ko! She is my first Zombuki Pullip this year and, if you don’t count me waiting for her boots to be finished, she was technically finished before Marley. I’m so happy with how Usa-ko turned out and I loved taking these photos of her. Usa-ko’s outfit was all put together before hand too, as I was making her I realized that the outfit (which was bought for another doll I never finished) would match her perfectly. The boots are stock, though I can’t remember who they came with, and I painted on the drips.

The bunny ears also belonged to another custom, the same custom that the wig was originally going to go on. There are some wigs like that, I start multiple dolls thinking I’m going to use a certain wig, and then I end up deciding on another. Eventually they all figure out where they want to go though, sooner or later, everything falls into place.

Usa-ko is really inspired by the “Magical Girl” genre of manga/anime, especially Sailor Moon; I’m reading the re-release of the manga now and her name is definitely a nod to that.

This is probably my favorite photo from the shoot, I think it looks like she’s flying. You can look back on her studio photos here and here and below I’ll put a shopping list in case you’re curious about where I bought something she’s wearing but are too shy the ask. I bought everything over a year ago, but I’ve tracked down as much of it as I could. I’m thinking I’ll put Usa-ko up for adoption at some point so I’ll post details soon, feel free to drop me a line in the meantime if you are interested in taking her home.

~ Ms. Bee

Usa-ko wears …

Leeke Bunny Ears
Yellow Star Hoodie
Dot-Z Skirt in White



    • Thank you 😀 Maybe it’s because they’re kind of large people figured they would be too heavy for the head? But the magnets are really strong so they’re in no danger of falling.

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