Studio Photos 06/02/12

The colors are a tad off in these snaps – the issue with early morning photos in my studio – but here is a sneak preview of the new dolls I’ll be working on. A couple of wonderful girls, sisters, requested a pair of unicorn sister dolls a very long time ago. Now that I’m working on the Zombuki again I’m really thrilled to get the chance to finish customs that were brainstormed years ago.

I’m not completely sure which one to work on first, but I’ll decide soon enough. Both will be Pullips; I’m really excited to start them! I worked on sketches a bunch this morning, I want them to feel crystaline and have connecting elements, but be distinct. When I work on pairs or sister dolls I don’t plan them at the same time, since I don’t want to pick a favorite sketch for one and the other get the “left over” design. If I just work on one at a time then that means they’re both have their own #1 sketch!

~ Ms. Bee

PS: For those wondering about the Monster High wig reroot, I battled migraines all week and got zero work done, but she’s definitely still on the block. Hopefully next week my head will be a little more merciful. Finger’s crossed!


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