Studio Photos 06/03/12 (Part 1)

I started working on my first unicorn sister over the weekend but didn’t want to completely bombard the blog (and I had to upload the photos, lazy) but here’s part one! The Leeke horns come with magnets so you can move where they are positioned or swap them out, and as it turns out they’re strong enough to hold through the faceplate.

I wanted the design to feel like it was evoking crystals, which I don’t think I mentioned in my sketch post. I mixed some white into the paint to make it a little more pastel. I love mixing colors, but keeping them from drying out and keeping the colors consistent when you re-mix is not easy!

I added lavender to the inside of the crystals to emphasize the diamond shape. This is pretty much where I took a break for a while. If I work straight through, the customs end up kind of wonky so unfortunately I have to take breaks (unfortunately because I don’t have a lot of time to work on them, but c’est la vie). I have more photos to post soon too!

~ Ms. Bee


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