Studio Photos 06/09/12

Progress! Over the weekend I worked a bunch more on the first unicorn sister and now she’s just about finished! As you can see I changed the eyebrows pretty significantly and added some eyelashes. I also pearlized all of the elements on her face and installed her glitter chips, which I am absolutely crazy about. I worked some Sunday too, she has white feather eyelashes and lavender eyelids as of the time of this posting, now I just need to finish up her horn and I can take photos!

I also blushed, with chalk pastels, under the eyebrows, on the nose, and the cheeks. All of the colors used on her face are hand mixed, aside from the white, of course. I still have her sister to make, but as of right now I’m just focused on this girl, I absolutely love how she is turning out and can’t wait to take photos of her when she’s all put together.

~ Ms. Bee



  1. Oh my goodness, Brigitte! Even unfinished, I can tell that this is far and away my favorite custom of yours, haha! I’m a total sucker for pastels, and that wig is such a lovely color! I’m sure the “finished” photos will be fantastic 🙂

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