New Monster High Custom Begins

To be much of any good I think the Zombuki need a back story that’s more than just an idea. Ideas would be like, “Hamsters are cool,” or “Pink and blue look neat together,” which are factors of course, but they really don’t have any emotional impact. Even if I don’t share the stories – which as far as I remember I never do much – I strive for each doll to have one. Part of Marley’s story is a sister, Jack, so once Marley was done I knew Jack had to follow. I needed to take a small break from Monster High customs (the tiny faces stress me out!) but once the sketch (above) was done I was having a hard time thinking about anything else.

Jack has been a tough customer but the worst part had to be at the end of day one (06/22) when I had her eyes 90% done and completely screwed them up, meaning I had to totally wipe them clean and start over. I was in a state of agitation for hours after and it was all I could do to just get to this point again. The Pullips, Dals, etc. at this point I know them pretty well, but since this is only my second Monster High custom I still have the ability to get really frustrated while making them. Once that happens it means that the doll is all I can think of until it’s finished. Jack is one of those girls.

~ Ms. Bee



    • No, don’t worry, I got her at a local Toys R Us about a month ago. I had no idea how hard it was to find basically any of these girls in stores before I had some home, looks like I just got lucky once!

  1. I have a question on this one since it’s a Laguna. Was she one of the ones with the funky hair? I did my first boil perm on my Laguna because the hair was so tangled and just icky to touch,

    • Her hair was fine, I washed it just as a matter of course, but it didn’t need it. I’m adding some more curl to it just to put back in some of the bounce. I guess I got lucky with her!

      • You did! Very lucky! I’ve heard her hair can be either manageable out of the box or just all around horrible! mine was the later!

        You’ve also inspired me to try my hand at doing more then just fixing hair on them!

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