More Studio Photos of MH Custom

Oof, I don’t love this stage, where they look all surprised and scary (in a bad way). Laguna’s hair wasn’t bad, I’ve heard some have bad hair, but I made it look really horrible with all the studio related manhandling. She had to have a little trip to the salon to help out those curls. Even after her hair isn’t as pretty has Marley’s, which I adore, but silky hair like that won’t hold a curl well so it is what it is for a reason.

I’m not sure why I find customizing Monster High dolls to be so stressful, but I really do. I could not put her down until she was finished, I was restless and grouchy, I had to finish this custom, it was all I could think about. You may have noticed in this photo that the arms are the skull girl arms. I thought the custom kits would swap parts easily but they don’t, I had to file the connector plugs down a bit so they would snap into place. It was definitely worth it though, I love the end result.

I have salon photos to post and then I’ll put up her final photos, at the moment I’m just adjusting the colors because they came out – perhaps not surprisingly – very blue. Ha!

~ Ms. Bee



  1. She’s lovely! Her color scheme is perfect – it reminds me of summer and the beach! I can imagine it’d be stressful to customize a doll with a smaller head than a Pullip, especially one where you have to paint the entire eyes yourself – if the eyes turn out uneven, it could give the whole doll a kind of wonky look. She came out great! All your customs are so amazingly symmetrical.

    • Thank you! I love working with Little Pullip but MH dolls have those eyes! It’s definitely what makes them stressful. I love their colored skin, but the texture of it is very different and cleaning up mistakes isn’t as easy with the Pullip line either. I’m glad you like how she turned out!

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