Re-Curling MH Laguna Blue’s Hair Mini Tutorial

This is when I knew I really liked Jack. When she was finished her hair was a fluffy mess thanks to all the handling and (necessary) tossing around; she needed help. I decided to use a technique for re-curling hair that’s really gentle, one that I’ve been using on vintage My Little Ponies for close to a decade now. Here’s a simple rundown of it for you if you’re interested. Enjoy!

You’ll need some drinking straws, bobby pins, conditioner, scissors, a toy comb (not a brush, a comb), towel, and a sink. If you haven’t already washed the hair wish soap go ahead and do so and rinse it out well. Next put a good amount of conditioner in the hair and let it soak in. Just set the doll with its head over the side of the sink for a bit while you prep the next step. While that’s working take your drinking straws and cut them into 2-3 inch long sections. I used 6 sections of straw on her because I wanted larger, more relaxed curls. For lots of curls you would need more sections of straws, but the principle is the same.

Next, without rinsing out the conditioner take the toy comb and gently comb through the hair starting at the tips and working your way toward the roots. When all the knots and loose pieces have been combed out and the hair is silky you can rinse out the conditioner. Make sure it’s out as best you can, leaving it in makes the hair feel a bit greasy. Next towel dry the hair, you need a bit of moisture in it to curl it, but it shouldn’t be dripping wet.

After the hair has been dried off a bit, comb through it again and then section off a strand of hair you want to curl. The hair should kind of section itself off naturally and a little curl should be left at the bottom, which is a useful “guide.” Holding one of the sections of straw at the bottom (tip) of the strand wind it up toward the root, keeping the hair touching the straw. Kind of like the paper tube inside wrapping paper, the straw will be rolled up inside. For tigher curls wind it very tightly and keep the hair overlapping. For looser ringlets you don’t need to keep it as tight and let the hair crawl up the straw diagonally (more surface of the straw will be covered this way). Once it gets to the root pin it with 1 or 2 bobby pins, no more than 2 should be needed, the bobby pins will go right in the middle of the straw, making it super easy. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

After that you let it dry over night, impatient! When you are ready to take the straws out, unpin the bobby pins and slip the straw out one side of the curl, they should fall naturally and then you can style the hair with your fingers. If any of the curls are messed up just re-set them and get them wet again. These curls will stay nice for quite a while if you don’t handle the doll much, but aren’t permanent if you change your mind. Your Laguna Blue will thank you for the extra attention!

~ Ms. Bee



    • I believe if you “set” the curls by dipping them in boiling water it will make them much more permanent. The issue is not melting the hair! I’ve never done a “boil perm” myself though so I can’t give very good advice on them.

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