The Doll House by Louis Bou

The Doll House by Louis Bou

I’m working on my final paper right now and I ordered a new MLA Guide to Documentation for my citations. When what was obviously a book showed up yesterday I didn’t even think about it, but when I opened the package this was inside! I was floored, to put it lightly, and took this picture first thing. The Doll House by Louis Bou has been in production for a little bit, but I didn’t announce anything because these projects take time, etc., etc. Anyway, I am included in here with my Zombuki dolls! I seriously cannot believe it. The book also features customizing giants like Enchanted Doll, Cookie Dolls, Nanuka, and Caramelaw; I’m honored that my dolls are alongside theirs.

I’ll get order info if you want to get your own copy, and take more photos, but I’m posting this now because I’m too excited to wait!


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