Studio Photos 04/28/13 Zephyr

Studio 04/28/13

After a school-based hiatus many months I finally start working on this custom again last weekend. It was really nice out so I decided to move my supplies out onto the porch and I ended up painting out there until sunset; it was really fun. This custom is inspired by the mythological wind spirits; I wanted to do something that felt like my older dolls too, with the painted eyeshadow and large design paired with a small lip. Her eye chips are going to be gray so that’s why I picked the light gray color for the lips.

Studio 04/28/13

I still have work to do touching up the paint, evening things out on each site, making things more symmetrical. This weekend will be busy already but if I’m lucky she’ll be ready to photograph by next week.

Studio 04/28/13

I am actually working on her and another doll – a commissioned one – at the same time, which I haven’t done since the Valley of the Dolls show. It’s nice to feel that inspired though. If you’ve noticed the signature on her head you might be wondering about it. I actually never sign them before they’re finished, but this doll is based on one that I finished and hated so she’s been re-customized. Don’t worry, it’s not one I’ve ever published photos of.

She will be available for adoption once she’s finished so if you’re interested now feel free to drop me a line and remember to click the images to view them lots larger. Thanks for stopping by all!


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