Studio Photos 04/28/13 Unicorn II

Studio Photos 04/28/13

Can I just go on record for a second and say that I hate taking photos at sunset? It makes colors all wonky and even though I obsessively adjust them I still never feel like I get them “just right” again. Okay, enough about my personal problems … photos! This Pullip is a commission that I started quite a while back so I’m really happy that I got to work on her again. She’s the sister piece for Bianca, so where Bianca was hard, I wanted this girl to feel soft.

Studio Photos 04/28/13

Of course Bianca is “hard” with “soft” pastel colors, so this girl (who I’m naming Sierra) has a “soft” design with “hard” colors. Not harsh, just gray-toned instead of pastel. I also did something different with her design, I added a very thin, scalloped outline to the loops.

Studio Photos 04/28/13

Here’s my stopping point for studio day 2 with her! I’m hoping to work more on her this weekend, finger’s crossed. Since this gal is a commission so she won’t be available for adoption, however, I will have commission spots open over the summer, so feel free to contact me if you’re thinking about adding a Zombuki to your home!

PS: The wig in the last photo is Leeke, it’s so pretty, even prettier in real life. I’m kind of obsessed with their wigs, ha!


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