Studio Photos 05/05/13 Zephyr

Studio 05/05/13

Clear! This new girl, who I’ve just been calling Windy or the Zephyr, is just about done. I worked on her for a bit this past weekend, but when you get to a certain stage you’re just touching things up. While it takes a long time to get things just-so it also makes for dull photos near the end. I took the photo above before I started working. I’m planning on using the clear Obitsu body on her, though I’ve wanted to use it before and it never looked quite right. The heads with the wigs are usually far too heavy, but I think the mohair will make it light enough to work.

Studio 05/05/13

Later … here she is at the end of the day, her eye chips coordinate with her lips nicely, I think. I used the pupil gray for her eyelids too, since I wanted to break up the blue-on-blue tone around the eyes. I know I should probably add some (painted) eyelashes, but I really like the design without them. I’ll have to see how I feel once I’m in the studio again. After that it’s just adding lashes to the eyelids, blushing, sealing, and re-assembly before it’s photo time!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!


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