Studio Photos 05/11/13 Zephyr (Khione)

Studio 05/11/13

Eee! I’m always so excited when I get to this stage, assembly time! The neck peg for the clear body was actually too long so I had to shorten it, but that was really the only hiccup. If you’re wondering, the floss is there to loop through the springs on the eyelids to keep them out of the way and make it easy to re-attach them to the eye mech once it’s been installed again. Nothing works better than floss!

Studio 05/11/13

Finished! I had some feather eyelashes that match her hair exactly, but I thought they would just be overwhelming, so I opted for the black with feather tips. I’m crazy about this mohair wig too, it’s such a great color. The clear body is perfect for her, but apparently it just cannot handle the weight of the Pullip head. Sitting she displays perfectly, standing it looks like she’s the Doll World Limbo Champ. When she goes home she’ll get a regular Pullip body for her in addition to this one so it can be swapped out.

I named her Khione, the daughter of the North wind in Greek mythology, Boreas. As her father is a cold, winter wind, so Khione is a nymph of winter. She is a nymph (or minor goddess) instead of a pure goddess because she is half mortal; her mother was an Athenian princess. That’s why the clear body is so perfect for her story! So say hello to Khione – next step is photos!

Khione has been reserved, but if you would like to commission a Zombuki just contact me.


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