Zombuki FAQ and Price Drop

The FAQ page is now on the site and I realized – when I was talking to someone about Khione – that I had never announced my price reduction. Oops! It’s something I decided to do a while ago; with the Zombuki there have been a lot of ups and downs in seven years, and one down that I hope we’re all happy about is the price!

Long (long, long, long) story short is that the Zombuki dolls I make now I make only because I love to – it’s fun, it makes me happy, and it’s as simple as that. I’ve always loved making them, of course, but now that I’m not trying to set up shows or make a living off of them I can reduce the price. If you’ve hung in there with me through any part of the last seven years and your only complaint was that you can’t afford $600-800 for a doll I hear you, and I thank you, for still wanting one.

Now instead of $250 for the Little Heads and Monster High dolls they will be $150; for Blythe, Pullips, and all other Groove dolls the price will go from $800 to $400-600. Older dolls that are in my shop have been priced at slightly less.

I think somehow, at some point in that block of years, I started to forget what a honor it is that people want my dolls in their homes, and I got caught up in some of the negative aspects of the doll community. That’s incredibly embarrassing to admit, but I realize that it is sadly true. Reducing the price is re-remembering that it’s a privilege to have my customs adopted into people’s homes. This will make the Zombuki affordable, I hope, to just about everyone who wants one. I want these strange, creepy, colorful dolls to make people smile, including me, and for some reason I feel like dropping the price is part of leaving a lot of negativity behind me.

I’ll be making the dolls all summer, but school starts I’ll have to slow down a lot or put a pin in it. I’ll post updates here and on Facebook, you can also have blog posts emailed to you (click “Follow” button on the right hand side toolbar), or follow through Bloglovin’ or another feed reader. Alright y’all! That’s all I’ve got for today!

If you have any other questions the FAQ is now up, or you can leave a comment, or contact me!


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