Studio Photos 05/11/13 Unicorn II (Sierra)

Studio 05/11/13

Yay! Along with Khione I worked on the second unicorn sister this past weekend. I wanted her glitter chips to match Bianca’s so I used the same style glitter (transparent) from the same brand (Art Glitter). For the glitter effect you mix the glitter with Sparkle Glaze (Delta Ceramcoat used to make it but they’re under a different name now) and apply it generously to the back of some Cool Cat clear eye chips. Viola! Glitter eyes! I think it’s a very sweet, feminine variation on the blank eye.

Studio 05/11/13

One of the only things that was specifically requested for this commission was that the girls have feather eyelashes. There’s no way I’ll say no to that since feather eyelashes are probably my favorite kind. I wanted the two girls to be similar but not have anything that was exactly doubled, so I’m using these white and brown patterned, very thick feather lashes. Looking back and forth between the two eyes I feel like these lashes really make the difference!

Next it’s eyelid painting, blushing, sealing, and assembly. We’re in the home stretch!


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