Studio Photos 05/22/11 Topsy

Studio Photos 05/22/11

It’s a blast from the past y’all! Back in 2011 I posted these photos to Flickr/Facebook, but I don’t think this girl ever got a proper blog post. I thought it would be fun to use her “anniversary” to post all the studio photos together. It’s Topsy! Topsy is a Zombuki that I made as a challenge to myself; I wanted to take a design that was really punishing, in this case a checkerboard pattern, and execute it to my satisfaction. Now, exactly two years later, I might be ready for Topsy to find a home. The photo above is the last studio photo, from May 22nd 2011, the rest of the process is below. (Update! Topsy has been adopted.)

Studio 04/16/11

04/16/11 The basic foundation for the checkerboard eyeshadow, for some reason I actually find it much easier to paint the darker color first, I’m not sure why. I think it may be because my eye has an easier time focusing that way, with the lighter color first the optical illusion created by two sharply contrasting colors makes my eye jump around.

Studio 04/17/11

04/17/11 Half and half! The checkerboard is half clean and half rough here to show the difference between the two. Honestly the checkerboard looks so junky until it’s done you just have to go on faith that it will turn out looking nice.

Studio 04/17/11

04/17/11 Checkerboard from another angle. Remember you can click the photos if you want to view them larger.

Studio Photos 05/22/11

05/22/11 Back where we started! I gave her an army green lip because I love this color for lips. I also hand painted her eyes because I like how creepy it looks. It really took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do between the last two steps (perhaps obviously). I think it was because I didn’t have as much of a plan for Topsy as I usually do going in.

Hope you enjoyed these throwback studio photos! I’ll post final photos of Topsy soon – posting her photos has actually made me want to make my next girl a circus sister …


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