Zombuki #58 Topsy

Zombuki Topsy

What good would studio photos be without the finished girl? I’ve had these photos of Topsy forever (and even posted a few here and there), but here they are all in one place. Topsy is Zombuki #58 unless I messed up my count somehow, which is entirely possible. In the top photo I wanted her to feel almost broken, or like a marionette that was set down, but still eerily in control.

Zombuki Topsy

Her little crown feels like a part of her personality to me. It’s been on her head for over a year and is really tarnished now, which I should expect I suppose, since it cost all of $5. It actually looks better tarnished, the darker silver fits her better.

Zombuki Topsy

Sly boots. Topsy is named after the big top and is part of the circus series I’ve been sort of informally working on. I can hear creepy circus music when I look at her. Year(s) later Topsy is on her way to a wonderful new home with the amazing Caramelaw and I think she may even be ready for a sister, hmm …

I hope you all enjoyed the photos!


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