Studio: Circus Dal Sketch, Wig, and Eyes

Late May 2013 Sketch

Sometimes I’ve have a design knocking around in my head for so long that when I’m finally inspired I have to grab the closest thing and sketch it out. So it went with the circus Dal I’ve been brainstorming since I revealed Topsy. When how I wanted to to look hit me I grabbed a napkin that was sitting on my desk and sketched her out; the result is above. I’m going to have a scalloped design on her forehead with a border (top of drawing) with checkerboard cheeks (bottom of drawing). Her color scheme is going to be pink, blue, red, and white.

Studio Dal 01.11.10

I also knew that I wanted to use this faux fur wig (handmade, by someone else, of course) and eyes (Cool Cat chips) that I had put together in January 2010 (!) for this girl. I put this configuration together when I made Maglio and I thought it was too cute, just not right for the girl I wanted to make. When someone asks how long it takes to make a doll, can I say two and a half years?

I have a paper and a pretty substantial final exam to finish before I can start her, but I wanted to post this because I’m very excited about her. What do you think of this idea?


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