Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1

Sailor Moon Crystal

Spoilers! If you haven’t gone on one of the many sites that offer it and watched Episode 1 of Sailor Moon Crystal you should do so now! I watched on Hulu and tried to take screen shots but failed and then gave up because of laziness. I actually decided to do what I did in my old school days of reviewing TV and just take notes as I went, then build my thoughts off of that. If you want to read my notes they will all be at the bottom of the post. I’m not sure they’re interesting, but if you’re watching alongside they might be funny.

When I was in late High School through early college Sailor Moon was my life. I also just finished book 10 of the manga so it’s interesting to see how the reboot is influenced by both. The original anime and manga stories are fairly different, in my opinion, and I’m hoping that this new anime brings some of the grace of the manga to the small screen. As much as I’m sure this new series wants to capitalize on nostalgia I also hope that it only does so in moderation. I will always prefer the original opening music though, ha!

The animation style of the new series is distinct and really beautiful, but the characters do not look 14. I’m not sure how quickly I’ll get used to this, but hopefully I will. I like that there were immediate sparks between Mamoru and Usagi, it was a nice touch, and I love the Ami was teased at the end since (if you’re also re-watching the first run like I am) you know she wasn’t introduced until Episode 8 of the first series. I love that Usagi’s crying power is still there, it’s so funny, and I love that Tuxedo Mask again just shows up, does nothing, and leaves. He’s not really the typical male hero for Sailor Moon and that’s great.

The new Luna is adorable and hilarious, I am finally forgetting that absurd accent she had in the American dub. On the whole though I’m really pleased and want to keep watching. Some of the CGI is a little distracting, but I’ll probably get used to it. Like a total nerd I actually got chills a couple of times while watching. Not when her hair buns starting blinking like Commissioner Gordon had just picked up the Bat Phone though, I laughed, but probably not for the right reasons. I was like, “What, whut?”

So, fellow Moonies, what are your thoughts on Episode 1? Here is a great guide/FAQ on how/when to watch the new series. I will definitely post again after Episode 2 airs!

My notes are below!

  • Heavenly music is all like “Yes, we’re back b-words!”
  • CGI space no thank you
  • 14 years old? Usagi looks 20
  • Yay, Luna!
  • Nod to original anime hallway scene
  • 14 year olds sitting around discussing the crime rate? Just make them college students all ready
  • Naru looks less derpy than in the original
  • LOL why is Darien Mamoru in a tuxedo? (mask)
  • Thanks Usagi, that’s what I was thinking!
  • Oh he’s just looking for the Legendary Silver Crystal, okay
  • Motoki video game shop
  • Luna is back!
  • And immediately gone again? Where’d she go?
  • Oh so Mamoru was in costume, he just added the cape. Nothing strange about that.
  • Oops! Naru walked in on monster time!
  • Usagi’s nightmare?
  • Featuring Godzilla?!?
  • You tell her Luna!
  • LOL oh Usagi at least you like the brooch
  • Make up!!
  • More heavenly music and CGI again? So grandiose
  • What? Dinging buns? Commissioner Gordon is calling!
  • Creepy monster
  • Skipping into crime scene
  • Mwah!
  • I’ll punish you!
  • Uh oh zombies that live next door to the jewelry store
  • Glow stick?
  • LOL Luna
  • Crying power!!!
  • Tuxedo mask time!
  • Boomerang?
  • Jangling suit fobs! Tuxedo Mask is jumping on light posts like Spidey
  • Ami!! Yes please don’t wait 8 episodes to introduce her!
  • Stock snooze exit music

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