August 2014 Pullip Releases: Meg and Classical Alice Sepia Version

August 2014 Pullip Meg
08/2014 Pullip Meg

I thought you all might be interested in checking out the new Groove releases and chatting about them, so here we go! The first Pullip release for August 2014 (above) is Meg. She has a really cute Americana style prairie look and a simple-but-sweet faceup (in closer photos your can see freckles!). Her hair reminds me of Greggia’s and hopefully it’s just as good in quality. Meg is very natural and sweet looking, but for some reason she’s not lighting my world on fire.

Where to buy:

Hobby Search 14,250 JPY
AmiAmi (image source) 13,930 JPY
Pullip Style $120 USD

08/2014 Pullip Classical Alice Sepia Ver.
08/2014 Pullip Classical Alice Sepia Version

Next up is Classical Alice Sepia Version. I actually like it when Groove re-releases Pullips with odd new colorways and I think the idea of Alice filtered through an old photograph it a cool concept. Some people might think “Another Alice release ugh!” but I cannot get enough Alice and will always be excited about new ones. I love the color grey so I think this version is even prettier than the original. The silver hair is so lovely and the grey eyes still have the same beautiful eyelashes. All in all I’m the most excited about this release and I am seriously considering picking her up!

Where to buy:

Hobby Search 12,350 JPY
AmiAmi (image source) 12,070 JPY
Pullip Style $113 USD

Bonus photo: Come play with us!
Bonus photo: Come play with us!

Anyone else get a The Shining vibe? No? Well anyway, I will update the pre-order lists when more shops offer the dolls, but feel free to post links if I’m too slow.

What do you all think of these releases? Is Meg too boring? Are you sick of all the Alices? Or are you planning on adding one/both to your dolly family?


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