Manga Review: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #10

I am currently reading the re-issue of the Sailor Moon manga by Naoko Takeuchi and have decided to review the volumes here. If you do not want to find out what happens in Volume #10 do not read below!


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #10

Volume #10 opens with the outer senshi (Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, and the newly awakened Saturn) busting open the door of the Dead Moon Circus to help the imperiled inner senshi. The Amazoness Quartet battle with Sailor Saturn, who can see that they are under the control of the nefarious Queen Nehelenia, and Sailor Chibi Moon. I’ve always felt like Chibi Moon was the weakest character and this arc largely centers around her “future,” a future that we readers never see. One day she will have a team of her own, one day she will protect the Earth, one day she will be with Helios; it’s just not interesting if we know we will never see it. To me, anyway! Mamoru’s Golden Crystal, his version of Sailor Moon’s Legendary Silver Crystal, is awakened, and he combines his powers with the other Sailor Guardians (and Chibi Usa’s Pink Moon Crystal, yawn) to smash Nehelenia to smithereens. This volume actually ends on a hopeful note, unlike all of the others, so I’m nervous about what’s in store next! Why can’t Mamoru and Usagi be happy? Ha! Probably because Chibi-usa is around.

Honestly I never liked Chibi-usa, even when I only knew her as Rini in the US dub of the anime series. Now that I get to read the original I like her even less. In Volume #9 she just flat out says that even though she knows that Mamoru is her father in the future she is still attracted to him and being attracted to another man feels like infidelity. Maybe my American is showing, but I cannot get excited about a character who is so focused on incest. She’s what, eight years old? Keep it in your pants Rini.

Now that I’ve probably ruinined my search results forever (begone pervs!), I will conclude my review: Volume #10 is a satisfying end to the Dead Moon story arc, but since it’s basically just one very long battle it’s not my favorite stand-alone volume (the cover art is stunning though).


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