Video Unboxing and Review: My First Momiji Dolls

I recently ordered my first Momiji dolls, the ice cream blind box doll “Happy, Happy, Happy!” and the yeti-esque “Cuddle Love Bug”. They took a few weeks to arrive but they are undeniably adorable, plus they come in some of the cutest packaging ever. Check out the video above to see me unbox them and you can read some more of my comments below.


  • Adorable
  • Cute
  • Super cute packaging
  • Yetis are the best
  • I love collecting random mini objects


  • The “message doll” part of it has no appeal to me
  • At $18.45 USD (plus shipping) the price is a bit high
  • The paint job on Cuddle Love Bug was flawed
  • I got yellow ice cream in my blind box, which is the only one I didn’t want


  • They’re pretty heavy
  • They’re much smaller than the package they come in
  • I got a 30% off coupon five days before my dolls arrived (it also expired before the dolls arrived so I never used it). Update: The sent me a new one, yay!
Momiji Dolls
Momiji Packaging = Cutest

My conclusion is that I would definitely buy more Momiji dolls in the future, but they would have to be ones that I really wanted. Paint flaws I can forgive in a $8 Lalaloopsy Mini, but for a $20+ (post shipping) mini figure the paint needs to be perfect.

Momiji Dolls
Cuddle Love Bug and Happy, Happy, Happy! out of their boxes

Seriously, what flavor is yellow ice cream? Lemon? Butter? Still cute, but it was my least wanted one (which is why I am really sick of blind boxes actually). Share your thoughts below!



  1. I bought a momiji doll many years ago, and still love it to this day! They’re very cute, and nicely detailed. Such a shame you got your last choice in the blind box, I hope you’ve come to like something about it…or sold it, hahaha!

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