Lalaloopsy Tinies 10 Packs Revealed

When you want a doll for your doll I think Lalaloopsy Minis are some of the cutest and now even they can have dolls themselves thanks to Lalaloopsy Tinies! Note: If you don’t want spoilers do not scroll onward!

Lalaloopsy Tinies Pack 1

Thanks to Lalaloopsy Dollhouse I ended up ordering one set (Pack 3) off of Amazon – I assume for a very high price – and I’m looking forward to doing an unboxing video for it! As for all the others I’ll wait until they show up in the local shops (assuming the quality is good) since I want all of them. Pack 1 (above) only appeals to me because of the mermaid, but I will buy it, because I love mermaids that much.

Lalaloopsy Tinies Pack 2

Pack 2 comes with two of the sugar series dolls that I will definitely need in miniature! I’m actually really looking forward to photographing Mini and Tiny Jelly Wiggle Jiggle and Toasty Sweet Fluff together.

Lalaloopsy Tinies Pack 3

Pack 3 is the one I ordered today because Haley Galaxy is my favorite Lalaloopsy Mini and thus she was a must-have. The Halloween release Candy Broomsticks is a plus too though!

Lalaloopsy Tinies Pack 4

Pack 4 (Series 2 Pack 1 according to Lalaloopsy Dollhouse) is really cute too, I like Suzette La Sweet a lot, there’s a mermaid, and I love Scoops Waffle Cone.

Lalaloopsy Tinies Pack 5

Pack 5 (or Series 2 Pack 1, still not sure) has the zombie Lalaloopsy, Scraps Stitched ‘n’ Sewn, so of course I wanted it, but this pack was sold out on Amazon when I checked. I don’t really want any of the other Tinies in the set, but I want Scraps so badly I will buy the set just for her.

Lalaloopsy Tinies Pack 6

Last but not least is Pack 6 (Series 2 Pack 3) with Alice, who I never managed to get in Mini form, Bubbles Smack ‘n’ Pop, who I love, and Confetti Carnivale, whose mini I still need to unbox, among others.

What do you all think of these Lalaloopsy Tinies? Adorable or too small? Wonderful or wonky? Leave your comments below! I will definitely update when mine arrive.


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