July Poison Girl’s Dolls: Kriko and Michi

July 2014 doll Michi
July 2014 doll Michi

As excited as I was by the last wave of Poison Girl’s doll releases I actually ended up passing on buying one. By that I mean even attempting to, since each is snapped up as the timer rolls over, and rightfully so. Still I follow her announcements obsessively and was very excited to see two new girls for July, Michi (above) and Kriko (below).

July 2014 doll Kriko
July 2014 doll Kriko

Michi doesn’t really appeal to me but I absolutely love Kriko. I adore pink/red eyed dolls and she has the pink and blue lashes that are a Poison Girl’s signature. The wig is customized too and I hope it’s not with chalk pastels because that always fades. I actually colored a wig with chalk pastels once and it was a disaster. Of course Poison Girl has been customizing wigs way longer than I have so I’m sure it’s fine … Anyway! I believe they will be for sale at 20:00 Spanish time zone on Thursday so I’ll be waiting! If the standard Groove releases looked like this I think I would own a hundred of them.


One comment

  1. Poison Girl’s releases are really amazing, right?
    It’s hard not to fall in love with her job!
    But I must say I loved Michi the most, looool!
    But, well… I have a soft spot for freckles and hers are the best!
    I’ve seen many people attempting on replicating it, but no one really succeeded…

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