Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2: Ami – Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2

Spoilers! If you haven’t gone on one of the many sites that offer it and watched Episode 2 (“Act 2: Ami – Sailor Mercury”) of Sailor Moon Crystal you should do so now. I watched this episode a few days ago, but I was out of town so that’s why my review is a little bit late. Once again I decided to do what I did in my old school days of reviewing TV and just take notes as I went, then build my thoughts off of that. If you want to read my notes they will all be at the bottom of the post. I’m not sure they’re interesting, but if you’re watching alongside they might be funny.

In Episode 2 we get Episode 8 of the original anime wherein Ami attends the Crystal Seminar, meets Luna, makes friends with Usagi, transforms into Sailor Mercury, and uses mist to save the day. I love the original anime run, but I have to say that Ami is even cuter in the new series. They built up her character really well, establishing that she is an outsider because of her intelligence, and insecure in a way (she says that she’s only good at studying, but she’s great at the Sailor V game and being a Sailor Senshi as well). Mamoru returns in his super cool disguise, fully in the Tuxedo Mask costume, sans mask, and makes Usagi blush. I really like that she’s conflicted about him and that they have a spark, I never got why they just made them hate each other in the first run. I thought that it was smart that Ami had a little flash of the palace when Usagi touched her; poor Usagi, everyone knows what’s going on except her.

Luna also immediately understands that Ami is a Sailor Senshi whereas in the first run Luna suspected that she was a bad guy. Jadeite is in this episode as well and they do a really good job of making him seem conflicted or in pain, which is really good foreshadowing. On the whole the new series is really growing on me, there are a lot of nods to the original run, which is fun, but I hope they start striking out on their own more soon. It’s hard to not compare them side by side, but I’d like to get away from it moving forward.

So, fellow Moonies, what are your thoughts on Episode 2? Here is a great guide/FAQ on how/when to watch the new series. I will post again after Episode 3 airs!

My notes are below!

  • Yay! No eight episode wait this time
  • Ami even cuter in this style
  • Metal part of intro has grown on me
  • Queen Beryl staying hungry
  • You can tell Jedite is conflicted
  • The hand!!
  • Grumpy tail lol
  • Usagi figured out Sailor V quickly
  • Luna doesn’t suspect Ami this time!
  • Space console?
  • Umino is so short!
  • Poor Ami!
  • The Luna drop
  • So cute!
  • Ami remembers the palace, she’s so far ahead of Usa!
  • Spaced out already eh?
  • So depressed by Sailor V game!
  • Ami kicking butt
  • Hugs? What are they?
  • Lol shake that pen out Usagi
  • She doesn’t reject the disk this time
  • Love the art nouveau cards!
  • Do they make refills for the magic pens?
  • What’s with Ami’s sweater?
  • Blush
  • Talking cat he says
  • Still in the tux Mamoru?
  • Usa hacks the planet
  • Lol sneaky face
  • At least she doesn’t ask to be a beautiful whatever like last time
  • Don’t touch my pen!
  • Luna kick!!
  • You rascal
  • Make up! Still epic
  • Ultrasonic crying still rocks
  • Fight it Ami!
  • Mercury power make up!
  • She kind of gets it instantly
  • Just like the original sequence eh? Lol with a little bonus posing
  • Tuxedo mask does something yay!
  • Super confused by mist
  • Jadeite is so observant
  • A meeting? Ami is so organized
  • Teaser!!
  • Still bored by exit music

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