September 2014 Pullip Releases: Hina Ichigo and Scarlet

September 2014 Pullip Hina Ichigo
09/2014 Pullip Hina Ichigo

As you all probably know Groove has set about re-imaging the Rozen Maiden doll line recently, which baffles me a bit because many of them (like Hina Ichigo) you can still buy for retail or less. The first run Hina was a Dal, which I felt fit the character better, because some of the Rozen Maiden dolls were little girls and some were more grown up. With Hina’s re-release this September, it looks like the line is being re-imagined as Pullips only.

Remember her? I have to say the bow looked better with the Dal release. Groove obviously re-made the outfit for the new release, but I don’t think it’s much of an improvement. This is a shame because having high quality costumes is really a draw when buying special dolls like the Rozen Maiden series, otherwise, can you justify her being $50 more?

09/2014 Pullip Hina Ichigo
09/2014 Pullip Hina Ichigo

Here is a closeup on the face (you can click to view it larger) which is actually very sweet. I like all the feathery lashes, the eye chips are very cute, and the mouth seems to project some of Hina’s childlike attitude. The wig, I must say, looks like it is excellent quality, so fingers crossed on this one!

Where to buy:

AmiAmi (image source) 13,470 JPY
Hobby Search 15,200 JPY

09/2014 Pullip Scarlet
09/2014 Pullip Scarlet

Next up is Pullip Scarlet … no. I have to be honest and say that when I saw that this was the release for September I wasn’t going to write about it at all until I saw Hina Ichigo. This doll on its own is not worth writing about in my opinion. I know that’s super harsh, but it’s bland, especially considering we have a much prettier grey-faced doll releasing in August. The outfit has some potential, but the top of the dress looks bonkers to me, and I’m guessing you can’t separate it from the skirt.

09/2014 Pullip Scarlet
09/2014 Pullip Scarlet

Just look at the quality of this wig, it looks like it fell down a flight of stairs. Groove, have you given up? Because this doll looks like quitting.

Where to buy:

AmiAmi (image source) 12,630 JPY
Hobby Search 14,250 JPY

So what do you all think of the September releases? Am I crazy to hate Scarlet? Are the Rozen Maiden reboots unnecessary or adorable? Leave your thoughts in the comments and thanks for reading!


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