Photos: Moon Crisis Show at Rothik Art Haus

Last week I was in California visiting some friends and the first place we went to when we stepped off the plane was the Rothik Art Haus for the Moon Crisis show. This was partially because we are dedicated moonies and partially because the gallery is only open 5 hours a week (don’t ask I totally don’t get it). Me completely hating the gallery’s hours aside, the show was amazing! There were so many stunning pieces and many of them were even more beautiful in person. I decided to take a bunch of photos of my favorites and here they are for you! The Tiffany Le pieces were my absolute favorites and I really hope Bara-Chan makes a print of hers. I hope you enjoy, my photos are pretty terrible, sorry!

PS: Many pieces are still available and you can buy them here, as far as I know anyway, but no installments accepted sadly. Shipping is additional, they won’t tell you how much, and nothing will be shipped until the show is over.


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