Review: Viperine Gorgon Custom Commission

Custom Viperine Gorgon

I am super excited to show off the gorgeous (or gore-geous, as the MH people say) custom Viperine Gorgon that I commissioned from TinInk on Etsy. I don’t know about you all, but as a grown up who can’t shake her childhood love of dolls, the Monster High line appeals to me, but also feels a little cheap. Not in price, of course, but the cartoon-big eyes and heavy eye makeup are just a bit much for me, and I always buy the dolls, but then never want to keep them.

I thought the solution to this might be commissioning a custom and I shopped around a lot on Etsy before sending a message to TinInk. She was incredibly nice, helpful, patient (I took a really long time to pay, I’m sorry!), and worked/shipped super fast.

Custom Viperine Gorgon

One of my favorite things about Viperine is that her entire body is textured like a snake so I got pink body blushing and nail polish in addition to the face-up. Now I’m on the hunt for good Monster High handmade clothes! I’ve found two stores, but after getting used to Blythe the selection for MH ghouls is truly frightening. We shall see what I can find.

So what do you all think of Viperine? Do you have any custom Monster High dolls or do you prefer to keep them stock?


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