Studio Photos February 2015

Remember when I used to post studio photos every Thursday? I do! I actually love posting snaps from the studio so I want to bring it back. Here are some photos from last month …

Studio February 2015

First off we have some untrimmed chips all sorted and waiting. All these colors are up now, but it took a long time to get them all prepped. I love holographic colors, personally, and I like giving them outer space names. I’m also trying to get lots of varieties of sprinkle chips in stock since I think it would look so great to have four different pairs in a Blythe.

Studio February 2015

My Simply Guava (named Tea Stained) is the model for the shop, she’s a really simple custom, but I love her. I had her and Simply Mango in their boxes in my old studio a few years back, and when I went to clean up one day I noticed that Guava had horrible sun discoloration. I spent hours sanding all the yellow off (she’s still not perfect), which is how she got the name Tea Stained. After she was sanded I just added a little purple and pink pastel to give her face some warmth, now she’s my favorite Blythe.

Studio February 2015

Last but not least, eye chip rainbow! This is my “things to do” list more or less. I have tons of chips – recasts and new colors – that need to be trimmed at any given time, so when I take a night off and marathon The Bachelor (my reality TV weakness) I trim chips at the same time.

Hope you enjoyed the studio photos!


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