Studio Portrait Friday, June 26th Edition

Studio Photo: June 24, 2015It’s been a long time since I started a new Zombuki doll, around a year if memory serves, but I have the summer off and a super supportive boyfriend so I decided to dive back in and start a new doll a few nights ago! I’m working on the fourth Lil’ Head doll, made from a Little Pullip noggin’ (plus an Obitsu body later).

Studio Photo: June 25, 2015I went in thinking I was not going to do a pink/green color scheme since that’s what Grumble Cake was wearing in her photos, but … well then it happened anyway. This photo was taken about halfway through painting today; this girl will be coordinated to an Art Plonsjeroze dress set that I’ve had waiting (still in the plastic no less).

Studio Photo: June 25, 2015I wanted her to have a fairy tale vibe and painted some accent butterflies, but gave her butterfly wings around her eyes. She’s sitting on part of a custom mini kokeshi that I’m making for her, if you were wondering what the little stand was!

Studio Photo: June 25, 2015Here’s how she looks with her pink mohair wig. Because of it and her outfit I’ve decided to name her Fairy Floss.

Studio Photo: June 25, 2015I took this photo right after gluing down her first set of eyelashes (she will have two rows). I painted over her old eye chips too, which I will have to touch up tomorrow, along with her lip paint, which is driving me crazy! I gave a pearl finish to some of her facial designs, too.

Studio Photo: June 25, 2015Quitting time! It was a really long day working on this girl; my eye started to cross! I actually almost finished her once before and hated the design, got rid of almost all of it, and started over. Fairy Floss Jr. should be her name then I suppose! I’ll post more photos soon and then Fairy Floss will be up for adoption. Enjoy your weekend, all!


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