New Photos of Zombuki Cska

Zombuki Cska on BlackZombuki Cska available for adoption on Etsy

A few days ago I made Cska available for adoption. I made her back in 2008 right after I got the Valley of the Dolls show (still one of the coolest things I’ve done). Because she was in my collection I never took new photos of her until now and I’m so happy that I did.

Zombuki Cska on BlackI dressed her in this handmade retro sundress (sadly I don’t remember who made it) that matches her design perfectly! I can’t believe how good it looks on her, I was over the moon to see her with this new look. It’s strange to say, but I feel like it’s given her new life.

Zombuki Cska on BlackI changed her earring to a vintage flower bead and gave her a feather hair clip to complete the 50s vibe. I’m so happy with how she looks! I hope you enjoyed the new photos.

If you want to adopt Cska, but need to do it in installments, please feel free to leave a comment and I’m happy to make arrangements.


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