Summer Neons 2015 Eye Chip Collection

Strawberry Star Blythe Eye ChipsI am so excited to announce a new eye chip collection for 2015: Summer Neons! I wanted to make a bright, fun set to celebrate summer so I made this mini collection of three new starry eye chip colors. Above is Strawberry Star, a bright neon pink.

Lemon Star Blythe Eye ChipsNext is Lemon Star, a bright neon yellow. In the Etsy photos you can see Strawberry and Lemon compared to the pink and yellow star eye chips that I already carry. I decided to name this color Lemon because they make me think of lemonade.

Mandarin Star Blythe Eye ChipsLast but not least is Mandarin Star, a bright, juicy orange. If you order all three sets of eye chips I’m including a secret set of eye chips, a pair that will never be sold in the shop, but that will coordinate with these three!

I’ve been wanting to have special bonus pairs of chips for a while so I’m very happy that I have my first secret set available. I hope you like this new collection!


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