Studio Portrait Friday, July 3rd Edition

Studio June 27th 2015Last week I mentioned that I was making a custom kokeshi for my new Zombuki Lil’ Head (Fairy Floss) and here she is! Not finished, of course, but I wanted her to mimic Fairy Floss’ design elements. I’m very happy with how she’s coming out.

Studio June 27th 2015As for Fairy Floss herself, she’s almost done! I had a doll with a 23 cm Obitsu body that I wasn’t using, but as you can see from the neck the skin is the absolutely wrong color. I ordered a new body from China, which I prefer not to (even though I’ve worked with the seller before and know they’re legit) because shipping takes so long, but it was a $15 difference in price. I used a Little Pullip Miss Green for the noggin; she’s so pale!

Studio June 27th 2015Here’s a photo of Fairy Floss and Cska chilling in the studio together. Just like old times, all my girls awaiting adoption are keeping me company again, which I rather like. Fairy Floss’ mohair wig is so unruly it’s staying off until she gets her permanent body, but at least you ca see the dress she will be going home in!

If you’re interested in adopting Fairy Floss please feel free to drop me a line. I hope you all enjoy your 4th of July (if you celebrate it) and remember to keep your pets locked safely inside for the fireworks! (A ton of pets get scared and run away every year!)


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