New Pullip Release: veryBerryPOP (June 2016)

I thought I was done collecting Pullips, but seeing some of the new releases I might need to change my mind, and soon. Looking around the Groove blog I saw that a new Pullip, veryBerryPOP, was just announced, and I was immediately fascinated. Scroll all the way down for the full gallery and pre-order links or keep reading for my thoughts.

Pullip veryBerryPOP

My gut reaction to this new doll is absolute adoration. The cherry/picnic theme is so cute and carried out well in this release. The polka dot tights are extra cute and the dress is adorable, even though those shoes look familiar. I think the cherries are the same ones that came on Dal Colline’s outfit so I’d love to see these two next to each other. I have a sneaking suspicion that the overall dress is either very similar or the exact same pattern as Colline’s as well.

Pullip veryBerryPOP

It looks to me like veryBerryPOP has a slightly darker completion, which I am very excited about. Her makeup looks delicate with lots of tiny lashes, blushed cheeks, and natural pink lips. I would like to know if the eyebrows are blonde though, and they aren’t in any of the Groove photos (Update: We found out! Scroll down for the photo). Her hazel eyes are gorgeous and I think the gold blonde ringlets in pigtails are the perfect choice.

Pullip veryBerryPOP

My major concern is that the dress will not be that high of a quality, which is one of the things that pushed me away from Pullips to being with. I hope that’s not the case, however, since veryBerryPOP seems to have a higher price point than a standard release.


Pullip veryBerryPOPGroove just posted these (very small) photos and, as you can see, very BerryPOP has dark brown eyebrows. I actually love this and I like her even more now. I might need to pre-order this lovely!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this doll in the comments! Are you planning on adding her to your collection? Do you think she’s too similar to Colline or unique enough? Let me know what you think.


AmiAmi 16,290 JPY
Hobby Search 17,100 JPY
Pullip Style $130 USD



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