New Q-Pot x Sailor Moon Collaboration (June 2016 Release)

Q Pop x Sailor Moon 2016 Collaboration

In high-end cute news, Q-Pot has announced a second Sailor Moon collection that will be released on June 30, 2016, in honor of Usagi’s birthday, and I have to say that it is beyond adorable. As nice as these jewelry and accessory pieces are, they are also quite pricey, and will likely only be picked up by the serious Moonie. I will post an update when they are available. Scroll all the way down for a massive photo gallery.

Above are the Cosmic Heart Macaron Necklace (left, 15,000 yen, about $135 USD) and the Rainbow Moon Chalice Necklace (right, 28,000 yen, about $251 USD). I really like the heart chain on the Cosmic Heart Necklace, but the Chalice Necklace looks so fancy, that there’s moving liquid inside really intrigues me. For $250 (more or less) I hope those are real gold flakes at least!

Q Pop x Sailor Moon 2016 Collaboration

The promotional picture for the whole collection was huge so I broke it up into two parts for your viewing pleasure. Above we have:

Cosmic Heart Macaron Necklace: 15,000 yen (about $135) and
Cosmic Heart Macaron Keychain: 13,000 yen (about $116 USD)
Rainbow Moon Chalice Necklace: 28,000 yen (about $251 USD)
Pink Sugar Pate de Fruit Keychain: 7,000 yen (about $63 USD)
Hotaru Amulet Pate de Fruit Necklace: 9,000 yen (about $81 USD)
Luna & Artemis Cat Ear Ring: 15,000 yen each (about $135 USD)
Diana Cat Ear Ring: 13,000 yen (about $116 USD)

The Macaron keychain is a nice addition to the collection though I cannot fathom paying $135 for a keychain, ever. The Pate de Fruit pieces are interesting (I looked it up and pate de fruit is a traditional French gel candy made from pectin, for those who were wondering), and while the Pink Sugar Keychain doesn’t grab me, I do think Hotaru’s Amulet is a very creative design. The cat rings are crazy cute, but look very impractical to wear because they look very thick to me.

Q Pop x Sailor Moon 2016 Collaboration

Sailor Praline Chocolat Ring (inner senshi): 6,300 (about $56 USD)
Sailor Praline Chocolat Bag Charm (inner senshi): 6,800 yen each (about $61 USD)
Sailor Praline Chocolat Ring (outer senshi): 7,500 yen each (about $67 USD)
Sailor Praline Chocolat Bag Charm (outer senshi): 8,000 yen each (about $72 USD)
Praline Planet Collection Box: 1,600 yen, stores 8 chocolat items and 2 pate de fruit items (about $14 USD)

The Inner and Outer Senshi rings (one size fits all) are the design winners for me. My only gripe is that it seems that Sailor Saturn doesn’t get a ring, probably because she got a necklace design. Sailor Chibi Moon is represented by the Pink Sugar Keychain, and that’s why she’s missing from the ring series as well. Luckily the display box has room for those two items and the eight rings, so all the Scouts can be together, but note there are only nine compartments. The “Special Package” is, I believe, the packaging for at least the items in the top photo, if not all of them. I think Mars’ ring has the weakest design, but honestly they’re all gorgeous, and look like real gateaux to me. They make me think of something you would see at a super high-end Sailor Moon themed wedding; which I would love to be invited to. Please invite me.


Finally, if you’re at the Q-pot Cafe from June 30 through August 14 of this year you can order Sailor Moon themed edibles:

Cosmic Heart Macaron Plate: 3,900 yen (about $35 USD; I believe you keep the plate)
Pink Sugar Heart Parfait: 2,500 yen (about $22 USD)
Gift of the Moon Fairies Tea: 850 yen (about $8 USD)
Rainbow Moon Heartache Soda: 850 yen (about $8 USD)

I would not be upset about adding that little plate to my Sailor Moon shelf, let me tell you. I checked online and the plate from the previous collection should run you around $50.

Q Pop x Sailor Moon 2016 Collaboration

The art for this second collaboration is above and it is just flat-out beautiful. As an old school Sailor Moon fan I appreciate the use of the older anime style, and their coordinated outfits are just lovely.

I’m not sure which pieces, if any, I will be getting from this collection, but Q-pot has the reputation of being worth every cent. Will any of you be getting pieces from this collection? Which ones are your favorites? I would love to hear from you in the comments!


via Sailor Moon Collectables and Q-pot


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