Lalaloopsy Minis Series 16: Fruit Collection

I must confess that I was starting to wondering if Lalaloopsy Minis were going to way of the dodo when neither Halloween nor Winter Holiday exclusives surfaced at Target. Happily I was wrong and Lalaloopsy Minis Series 16 Fruit Collection is absolutely adorable. I picked mine up a few weekends ago at a local Toys R Us. In order they are:

#1 Water Mellie Seeds

Lalaloopsy Minis Series 16 #1 Water Mellie Seeds
Lalaloopsy Minis Series 16 #1 Water Mellie Seeds

Sewn On: August 3rd 2016

Sewn From: Watermelon Seeds

Water Mellie Seeds was made from watermelon seeds and is a do-it-yourself star. Whether it’s building birdhouses or carving melon masterpieces, when the seed of inspiration is planted, she has to sprout a new creation!

If my local Toys R Us is any authority, Water Mellie Seeds seems to be the most popular in the series. The attention to detail is so great on this Mini, there’s a little bite taken out of her watermelon bow, and her bangs are watermelon slices. I don’t love when they come with ice lollies (popsicles) because they can’t hold them, and they don’t display well by themselves, but this is my only complaint. Now that they’re all up on the shelf I must confess that she’s my favorite of the series.

#2 Tart Berry Basket

Lalaloopsy Minis Series 16 #2 Tart Berry Basket
Lalaloopsy Minis Series 16 #2 Tart Berry Basket

Sewn On: January 15th 2016

Sewn From: A Wild Strawberry

Tart Berry Basket was made from a wild strawberry, is super sweet and sometimes a bit tart. She loves green fields on a warm summer day and anything dipped in chocolate makes her favorite dessert list.

Not my favorite name since it seems unrelated to the Lalaloopsy herself (where is the basket?), but still very cute. I particularly like the strawberry leaf collar on her and the straw-bunny companion is great; in fact, it’s my favorite companion of the four. The little collar is also a separate piece, which is a nice touch, and the beret is set on a jaunty angle. Jaunty is always the best angle for berets to be set on.

#3 Pina Tropi-Callie

Lalaloopsy Minis Pina Tropi-Callie
Lalaloopsy Minis Series 16 #3 Pina Tropi-Callie

Sewn On: April 20th 2016

Sewn From: A Pineapple Slice

Pina Tropi-Callie was made from a pineapple slice, loves going on vacation. While traveling to all kinds of fun places, she adores meeting new people then making them smile with a funny face or wacky dance.

Is her name a play on Pina Colada, the drink? I’m slightly confused by this name too, there are a lot of other pineapple-related options. Her accessory doesn’t completely work for me, but the companion pineapple bird is pretty amusing, which balances it out. Pink is a perfect hair color choice and I love the pineapple top on her head and slices on her dress. Super cute overall, she is probably my second favorite in the collection.

#4 Tangerine Citrus Zest

Lalaloopsy Minis Series 16 #4 Tangerine Citrus Zest
Lalaloopsy Minis Series 16 #4 Tangerine Citrus Zest

Sewn On: June 27th 2016

Sewn From: An Orange Peel

Tangerine Citrus Zest made from an orange peel, is up the moment the sun rises and asleep when it sets. She’s rarely indoors, loving to spend her time in the sunshine, climbing trees or making bouquets of blossoms.

This one is probably my least favorite of the four, but she is still pretty darn cute. I think the dress is a little bland and could probably have been made more interesting. I think her hair is supposed to evoke a peeled orange, or the peel itself, but I’m not sure. The tangerines in her hair and orange-bear companion are very nice touches. There are two bears in this set of four, but in person the watermelon bear is actually fatter.

Overall there are some very small flaws, but I think this is the best series to come along in a long time. I’ll be posting about the other half of Series 16 tomorrow. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Will you be picking up Series 16? Which is your favorite?


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