Sailor Moon Crystal Season 1 Episode 3: Rei – Sailor Mars

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 1 Episode 3 Rei - Sailor Mars

Doing recaps and reviews of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime series was so much fun two years ago that I … only did it for two episodes and then stopped watching? The last two years have really been a lot of “life gets in the way” stuff and, while I’m trying to find more work/life balance – and blogging again is a big part of that – I’m torn about this series. Should I pick it up where I left off? Should I watch through and start with the current episode? I am very conflicted. For now I decided to recap and review Sailor Moon Crystal Series 1 Episode 3 “Act 3 Rei – Sailor Mars,” I hope you enjoy.


Episode 3 opens with Nephrite throwing Jadeite under the bus and Beryl answering some questions about the Legendary Silver Crystal. She then hilariously tells them not to worry about it all while not showing her mouth moving to save on animation costs. Early on it is revealed that this is the demon bus episode wherein people are disappearing and rumors of demonic public transport abound. We are also given more Sailor Venus foreshadowing as Ami leans nonchalantly on a Sailor V poster.

Ami and Usagi then talk about how beautiful Rei is in a slightly creepy way, especially once Usagi breaks into heart-eyes. Rei has a psychic flash about Usagi and leaves the bus, only to be causally stalked by Usa, no big. The most hilarious scene in this episode has to be when Rei banishes Usagi, I genuinely found myself laughing out loud. We then briefly see Phobos and Deimos before some nasty, non-magical locals trash talk magical shrine maidens. Jealous. Rei then talks to Usagi about a mysterious “sixth hill” that reminded me of Persona’s “dark hour.”

The show really has its chances to be spooky, but not when Ami and Usagi get distracted from their conversation about missing children when they realize they have matching bracelets on. Later, Usagi and Luna are talking on the bus when Luna busts into an awesomely fake “meow,” and we see Mamoru in the seat next to them. When Usagi asks if he’s in junior high Mamoru takes out his business card like all high school students would … in anime Japan. Usagi then fumbles her own small talk by putting Luna over her face like an ostrich hiding in the sand. Honestly, Sailor Moon can be so funny some times, Crystal is very promising so far.

Back at the shrine, a mom squad goes into attack mode and Rei bemoans being born with amazing superpowers that keep boring people away. I feel you girl. Then we suddenly hear opera music as Jadeite appears and kidnaps Rei by bus. Usagi sees Rei in peril and transforms into a flight attendant. Oh girl. I don’t know what’s funnier, that she thought to turn into a flight attendant, or that it worked, because next thing you know she’s monologging in the fog.

Ami and Luna manage to locate Usagi by getting her to transform and they arrive on the scene. I have to say that her post-transformation poses are ridiculous and I cannot. “Douse yourself in water and repent!” she strangely yells, like a Catholic priest. Then there is a hilarious interchange between Sailor Moon and Rei about how she has to fight evil “because like power and responsibility,” it was so genuinely funny. Even though Rei already has a costume on she still has to transform, so Luna gives her the transformation pen.

The Sailor Mars poses are just as bad, I am not pleased. Also: “In the name of Mars I chastise you!” … with fire? I don’t know. Chastising seems more gentle than being crisped by flames. Sailor Mars then burns Jadeite who seems to teleport out of it (hmm …) and there’s a brief wrap up scene before a mysterious box full of plot device arrives at the airport.


On the whole I really enjoyed this episode, there were a lot of really funny moments, and I can’t help but love Sailor Mars. One of the things that I think Crystal is doing right is keeping the show going at a pretty brisk pace, however, what happens when they run out of material? Is there going to be a series beyond remaking the original show?

While the best thing about the show is the humor, the worst for me is how distractingly silly the poses are, and I know I’m harping on it, but they are bugging me. What I would also be curious to know is if they will develop a relationship between the four kings and the Inner Senshi, which was a sort of manga Easter egg back in the day.

On the whole I definitely liked the episode and I’m so happy to see Sailor Mars on the team, she is obviously powerful, and is a great counterbalance to Usagi.

Even though it’s really late, I would love to hear your thoughts on this episode and/or on whether I should recap them all or skip ahead.


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