Throwback Thursday: Get the Look – Innocent World Dal Clair

It’s time for Throwback Thursday! I’ve been a blogger and doll collector for 10 years now so I thought TBT would be a fun feature to show off some older posts and photos that are my favorites. I hope you enjoy!

Innocent World Dal Clair

My “Get the Look” series continues with Dal Clair! She is part of the Innocent World collection alongside Tiphona (Pullip) and Hermine (Byul). She is also the only one of the set that I don’t own. Her dress is the least “my” style of the three, but it’s so different from the other two there’s something striking about it. I think the dress is black, but it looks like it has a slightly brown hue to me. Since I can’t tell I should really buy her to find out for myself. All the details on her dress are so pretty too, I’m very tempted to pick her up while she’s still readily available.

Innocent World Violin Handbag

The real news, however, is this amazing violin handbag! I found it online about a year ago and it’s actually part of what inspired this “Get the Look” series. It’s completely gorgeous and really inexpensive – only $35 on Fan Plus Friend (note: this piece is no longer available). They have four colors too, the two above, black, and brown. I split an order with a friend so I saw the bag up close and it’s really lovely. It makes me wish I was a music student to I could carry it around with me! I think that Clair’s miniature version automatically puts her on the top of my wishlist, for me it’s one of the coolest accessories Groove has ever made.


Innocent World Dress

This dress is so lovely, and even though Clair’s is more compact, it is the same design. I found it uncredited on Tumblr, so if you happen to know where it’s from please leave a comment! I tried to find a larger size of this image, but to no avail. Special thanks to n0xx on Flickr for sending me the photos.

So I’m out of “Get the Look” images now. I’d really love to be able to post GTLs for the Angelic Pretty doll collaborations next, so if you have any info please leave a comment or contact me and I’ll give you a shout out in the post! Special thanks to n0xx on Flickr for sending me the photos.

Originally published July 2011


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