Slayer Moon Illustration Series by MiniVanVan

Slayer Moon by minivanvan

Minivanvan’s “Slayer Moon” illustration series is my favorite thing about the internet: when you take a beloved fandom (preferably Sailor Moon) and place it inside a wonderfully fun alternate reality. In this care, Sailor Moon is melting faces by moonlight with her axe. Prints of this series are currently on sale in minivanvan’s shop (I do not know how to capitalize this name, feel free to help) where there are about a dozen things I want. Usagi/Sailor Moon’s illustration (above) is my favorite of the five and I especially like the moon shaped guitar.

Slayer Mercury by minivanvan

I really sympathize with Ami/Sailor Mercury because the keyboard is the lamest instrument and I feel like I would also be assigned this somehow. Not even a keytar. I’m not complaining though, it makes total sense for her character. The headphones are a really cute touch too.

Slayer Mars by minivanvan

Rei/Sailor Mars on the drums completely makes sense, too. Her fiery personality fits the instrument and I love the little “concentration tongue” too.

Slayer Jupiter by minivanvan

Makoto/Sailor Jupiter smashing a guitar? Of course. Keeping her original boots and adding the Jupiter patch to her jeans are awesome touches.

Slayer Venus by minivanvan

Finally, Minako/Sailor Venus rolling around on the ground, hilarious. I especially like that all of the scouts have their eyes closed in extreme concentration so they can rock out to the max.

This is just such a great series that I am completely charmed and I really need the set for my room. What do you think of this illustration series my fellow Moonies? Will you be picking it up? Have you already? Let me know in the comments!



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