Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4: Masquerade Dance Party

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 Masquerade Dance Party

Currently, I am attempting to can catch up with my missing Sailor Moon Crystal reviews in the hope that they can, eventually, be on time for the new releases. Today I am posting my thoughts on Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4: Masquerade Dance Party.


The episode starts off with Usagi waking up late, of course, because she was up too late reading manga, and Luna’s arms are too tiny to shake her awake on time. The Kingdom of D that was teased at the end of Episode 3 is holding a ball to unveil one of their kingdom’s treasures, which might be the Legendary Silver Crystal, except of course it isn’t going to be because this is only Episode 4. Ami and Rei play the Sailor V game (for foreshadowing) and Rei says that she’s sick of fighting monsters, even though she hasn’t fought any yet. Amino arrives and shows everyone a photo of Princess Amino D. I have no idea why she has those glasses on, I guess the Senshi are the only pretty princesses?

Back in  the dark kingdom Kunzite is being a jerk again and Beryl wants the kings to get their acts together. Back on Earth Usagi’s dad gets to go to the ball and so she decides to override everyone else and transform into “a princess,” which is vague, but works. If I could transform I would turn into a princess on the daily, I wouldn’t even get dressed, I would just be all “Transform me into a princess! Transform me into someone who understands contouring!” and so on. Ami shows up at the ball as Princess Boring Dress and Rei is there as Princess Wears Red. Really though, does the “smart one” have to be the least fashionable?

At the ball there’s lots of dancing and drink spilling for Usagi who runs into Tuxedo Long Pants. Usa gets thrown around on the dance floor by Tuxie and she keeps thinking about how warm he is, like 98.6 degree or something, she’s so overwhelmed. Nephrite makes his move as Princess D-emonic and Ami and Rei transform and offer to douse him in water and chastise him, respectively. Usagi almost gets tossed off a balcony, but it’s Mamoru to the (almost) rescue and we have the umbrella scene (above) which I know I have as a trading card when it was in the 90s version. I need to find that silly thing.

Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon, but her tiara is gone? That makes very little sense to me, I just assumed it was a boomerang or magical because I cannot imagine her fighting evil and then walking around the rubble looking for her stuff. Regardless she now, four episodes in, has a new, more powerful tiara that can use moonlight (really?) to Moon Twilight Slash bad guys. Nephrite then lays down the law in a monologue before the Four Kings teleport away.

Back at the ball we find out that the treasure is a tacky statue of a girl with glasses, the original Princess D! How boring! Usa is slumped outside on the balcony (wasn’t she was drunk in the 90s anime?) and Tuxedo Mask shows up and kisses her without asking, which I feel a little sketchy about. Usagi, without opening her eyes, seems to consent by saying that it’s oddly familiar to her, but luckily Luna yells at him, she must have taken some Women’s Studies classes in college. Go Luna! Tuxedo Mask says he could be on either team and leaves, which is awkward, and I think Usagi still has her eyes closed.

This episode closes with a teaser of Makoto, Sailor Jupiter, which I’m very excited for.


On the whole this wasn’t my favorite episode. Compared to the 90s anime run the show is still going along very quickly, but I felt like some things didn’t make total sense. At one point Princess D is muttering about how everyone cares more about the treasure than they do her, which implies they are going to do a little something with this character, but all we get is that she might be attractive without glasses? It is implying that if she was pretty people would care more about her? I think I’m reading too much into this.

From what I’m reading online, future episodes do not seem light-hearted, and this episode really didn’t have any funny moments, aside from Luna being accosted outside the ball and everyone abandoning her, which was also kind of sad, now that I think about it. I am, however, looking forward to the introduction of Sailor Jupiter in the next episode.

What are your thoughts on this episode Moonies?


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