Pokemon Sun and Moon: Starters and Legendaries

Pokemon Sun and Moon Promo

As a huge Pokémon nerd I was super excited to see the news about the Sun and Moon starters and legendaries being revealed. If you haven’t seen the announcement from Nintendo you can watch it on YouTube here. Let’s take a look-see …

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters

For starters we have the starters (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun). First is Popplio (bottom left) who is a “Sea-Lion Pokémon” and water type.  Next is Rowlet (top) the “Grass Quill Pokémon” who is dual type, grass and flying. Finally we have Litten (bottom right) the “Fire Cat Pokémon,” who I will be choosing, because I am a crazy cat lady. I have already talked to my other trainers (I know, we are dorks) to divvy them up because, like I said, we are huge dorks. Surely one will go rogue though, because he’s a child. Literally. And we all know they can’t be trusted to play Pokémon. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve already chosen your starter, so don’t be shy! Let me know which you plan to use in the comments.

Popplio reminds me of a circus seal, which makes me sad, because I love animals and the circus is basically animal Hell. Rowlet I really like and the dual type is interesting, though a bit of a violation of tradition, but it’s super cute, so thumb’s up. Finally, I have to like Litten because, like I said, I’m a cat lady, and this is the first cat starter, so I have to be loyal to it. I don’t have a choice. You know how unforgiving cats can be. All glory to Litten.

I will post again when I find their final evolutions, of course.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Box Art

Next we have the box art (though it was at the top of the page so this isn’t much of a surprise). We don’t have the names of the legendaries yet, but they seem very true to theme. Sun has a giant sun lion alien flower whereas Moon has a giant crescent moon bat monster thing. I think that I’m leaning toward Moon now (and I was going to get Sun based on the titles) because that bat is too crazy not to chase down. I must catch it all.

The two games are set to release on November 18, 2016 and are available for pre-order all over the place. I actually … haven’t pre-ordered them yet, but I will! I am holding my breath for a bundle, to be honest. So which one will you be getting? Let me know in the comments!



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