Review: Barbie Fashions Complete Look 2-Pack #5 Camp Barbie 1964

Barbie Fashions Complete Look 2 Pack #5 Camping
Barbie Fashions Complete Look 2-Pack #5 Camp Barbie 1964

Since I got my Barbie Fashionistas Va-Va-Violet I’ve wanted to do clothing reviews for the pieces I’ve picked up for her. First up is Barbie Fashions Complete Look 2-Pack #5 Camping or Camp Barbie 1964 or American Eagle Barbie, what ever you want to call it, for some reason I am not finding the official name for this set. If you know it please let me know in the comments! I got mine at a local Target, but this set is also available at Toys R Us and on Amazon.

Barbie Fashions Complete Look 2-Pack #5 Camp Barbie 1964
Barbie Fashions Complete Look 2-Pack #5 Camp Barbie 1964

This set includes:

– Pink vest
– Camp Barbie 1964 shirt dress
– Southwestern print leggings
– Pink heart canteen
– Tan hiking boots (pointy feet)

On the package it shows two dolls, one wearing just the shirt dress (which is super short) and another wearing the vest (which doesn’t have any closures) and the leggings. I decided that this was crazy and put everything on Vi all at once. I left off the canteen because I didn’t like how it looked with the outfit and the shoes don’t fit on her flat feet.

Personally, I like the look of everything together, it has a cute sleepwear slash “It’s 9 PM and I’m going to Starbucks even though I’m in my pajamas” vibe. I think it looks a bit off with her hair color – other outfits definitely look better – but I do think it looks cute on her when I’m in the mood for her to wear something super casual. After all, nothing screams “casual” like not coordinating your outfit to your fantasy hair color.

Barbie Fashions Complete Look 2-Pack #5 Camp Barbie 1964
Barbie Fashions Complete Look 2-Pack #5 Camp Barbie 1964

The quality on these pieces is good as well, I can be very picky about my doll clothes, so I tried to get very specific for those of you who care about details like I do. Here is my review of each individual piece with a quality breakdown.

Pink vest – Has silver stitching on the front, but plain on the back, had no closures, and is made of a stiffer, crunchier material that keeps its shape. Mine has a huge tag inside that I cut out. While I don’t gravitate toward the classic Barbie pink, I do like this vest and I think it has a very “outdoors Americana” vibe to it.

Camp Barbie 1964 shirt dress – Has pink stitching, nothing printed on the back, but the pattern on the sleeves does wrap around, and it has a velcro closure. It’s made of a softer, cotton-like material, and fit my doll well, but wasn’t tight. I don’t usually like shirts with words on them, just as a general rule, but I do think this one is very cute. If Barbie had an American Eagle to shop at, it would have clothes like this in it. I would not have her wear it alone though because it is too too short, maybe it would be a better length on the petite body.

Southwestern print leggings – Has pink stitching, an elastic waist band at the top, and the print goes all the way around. It’s made of a softer, cotton-like material, and fit Vi well but the leggings stayed loose. I liked that they weren’t super tight and I love the print; this piece is really what drew me to the set. Definitely another piece right out of the Barbie American Eagle catalog.

Pink heart canteen – Does not open, though mine has the seam partially popped and I almost pried it open on accident. It has a knit pattern on front and back and it made of a harder plastic with a semi-flexible strap. If not for the canteen screw top this purse would probably work well with a kawaii or Valentine’s Day look. My pet peeve is purses that you can’t use so I will always mark off for that. I do like it though, but the look doesn’t quite match the rest of the outfit; the heart shape is just too cutesy. It could work with a different outfit though.

Tan hiking boots – They are made out of soft rubber with small slits on the back for easier fit. The boots are for pointy-footed dolls only, which would have been nice to know. Even a little symbol on the corner of the back with a pointed toe would be great. The boots were a big draw for me, but Vi can’t wear them. I will keep them in case I end of with a Barbie that had pointy feet, but on the whole I’m disappointed just because they were so cute.

On the whole I’m quite happy with this set and glad I picked it up. It was definitely worth the retail price in my opinion and I am always happy to get more separates.

What do you think of this set? Do you have any other the other new molds? How do they look on the other Fashionistas? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Thanks for reading!



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