Throwback Thursday: Photos of Dal Heiwa Outside

For today’s edition of Throwback Thursday I decided to post these photos of my Dal Heiwa, redressed (mostly in Dollmofee) and at the park. I posted them on Flickr but I cannot, for the life of me, find a blog post for them, so they are here, perhaps, for the first time. A gallery of all the photos is at the bottom. I hope you enjoy!

Dal Heiwa Outside

Dal Heiwa was a collaboration between Groove and Poison Girl’s Dolls, an amazing Spanish doll customizer who actively makes dolls to this day. Heiwa is a beautiful doll with a soft, two-tone pink wig, delicate lashes in the distinct Poison Girl’s style, and lots of blue flecks around the eyes. I love photographing dolls outside, there’s something about the lighting and environments that are so special.

Dal Heiwa Outside

Heiwa is sitting in my favorite banyan tree, which you have to be careful with (you cannot climb them) because they can be fragile. She’s wearing an outfit from Dollmofee, an amazing  handmade doll clothing designer who, while still around, is no longer making clothes. I love the blouse, it’s so strange and it’s made out of cream linen so it’s very high quality, but I really don’t like the pants. Looking back I should have dressed her differently, but what can you do?

Dal Heiwa Outside

I’m still very happy that I adopted Heiwa. She is such a beautiful doll and Groove really doesn’t do collaborations with customizers often so she is a real treat.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Throwback Thursday post! Do any of you have Heiwa? I would love to hear your thoughts on her in the comments!


Photographed June 2014


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