Monster High SDCC 2016 Ghostbuster Frankie Doll

Monster High SDCC 2016 Frankie the Ghostbuster
I ain’t afraid of no ghosts … obviously, because I am friends with some and was one, remember Haunted? Anyway *zap*!

It’s been teased for weeks, but Monster High finally announced via their Facebook page that the other San Diego Comic Con exclusive would be Ghostbuster Frankie. If you don’t want to hear me complain I would just click the image, view it larger, then head on down the road because I think this doll is idiotic and makes me seriously wonder what is going on in the minds of the Mattel MH team.

Before I start I want to say that I am very excited about the new Ghostbusters movie – I loved the original when I was little, I love it now – so my opinions about the SDCC dolls have nothing to do with the reboot, which I think is potentially going to be very fun. That being said, a Monster High x Ghostbusters collaboration only makes sense to someone who doesn’t know much about Monster High. The premise of Ghostbusters is, well, busting ghosts. Essentially, that ghost are a supernatural threat that is evil (or at least mischievous) and that must be contained to protect humans.

Monster High SDCC 2016 Frankie the Ghostbuster

Monster High, on the other hand, is a world wherein monsters, ghosts, specters, mummies, cyclopses, etc. are not only real, but valid beings that deserve respect. Having Frankie (the daughter of Dr. Victor Frankenstein) attack ghosts makes no sense because she is friends with ghosts in the Monster High universe. Heck, in the Haunted series, she was a ghost herself!

Why would Frankie or anyone else from Monster High be a Ghostbuster? Barbie would make total sense if Mattel wanted to do a tie-in and it would probably make more money because, from what I’m reading online, people are already questioning why Monster High was chosen for this crossover.

Spectra seems confused ...
Spectra seems confused …

When someone awesome on Facebook got there before me (go, Paul) and asked why this illogical pairing took place, Monster High answered:

You’re totally right! Frankie is the ultimate ghost whisperer & befriends all ghosts, even Slimer!

Is that what she’s doing to Slimer in the picture? Befriending him?

In addition to that is the actual doll. First, I’m happy with finally have a Monster High doll that’s wearing pants. The outfit itself looks to be really high quality as well, which is exciting. Second, those glasses I know I have seen before, and on Frankie, I just cannot place them. Third, that Slimer looks like a big stack of fail cakes. Finally, the new face. It looks like this is a big debut for the “new face” (which SDCC Robecca does not have) and from here it’s looking a little dopey. I had an article drafted about how I don’t think I hate the new face, but this Frankie is making me leave it in the draft folder for now.

Enough of my opinions. What do you all think of this new SDCC exclusive? Does it make sense to you? If it doesn’t, will you buy it anyway? Let me know in the comments!

Who you gonna call?
Who you gonna call?

PS: I found this hilarious image uncredited online, please let me know if it is yours or you know who I can credit because it is perfect.



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