Pullip Dolls Cassie and Callie (May 2016 Release)

The late May 2016 Pullip releases are about to go live and I am seriously contemplating even more adoptions this month. It’s a sickness! Let us peruse the pair and maybe by the end I’ll know which I want to order.

Pullips Cassie and Callie

Pullip twins Cassie (left) and Callie (right) are shown above, they are scheduled to release at the end of May 2016. For all intents and purposes they have identical faces and the same color hair in very similar styles, so it all comes down to the outfits and accessories. Unless you’re planning on getting both, of course.

Pullip Cassie

Cassie is dressed in powder blue and comes with a flowered beret, ivory lace hair bow, blue sleeveless lace dress, ivory lace cardigan, white tights, gold Eiffel Tower necklace, white cat backpack, and tan shoes with brown bows. The beret is really cute and I love all the little white flowers on it, for me it’s the star of the outfit. I also am very excited about these shoes, which don’t look plastic like most Groove releases.

Pullip Cassie

Both Cassie and Callie have the cat detail in some form, it just depends how you prefer it configured. Cassie has it as a backpack, which she is shown holding in the photo above. I like that they’re trying to bring some unique features in aside from just color. Cassie’s dress has a Peter Pan collar that looks awkward and bulky from here. Those of us who have collected Groove dolls for a while know that these types of collars are usually a pain, and for $170 USD (more or less) I really want something sharp.

Pullip Callie

Callie is dressed in pastel pink and comes with a flowered beret, ivory lace hair bow, pink sleeveless lace dress, ivory lace cardigan, white socks, white cuffs, white cat purse with Eiffel Tower charm, and white shoes with pink bows. The socks are cute, but a lot less substantial than Cassie’s tights, however Callie’s cuffs are a fun touch. I like the bottom (hem) of Callie’s dress a lot better and the collar is better as well. The cat purse is super cute, especially with the charm, but I don’t like her shoes as much as Cassie’s. Callie’s hair is styled on the opposite side of Cassie’s and, while similar, I do like Callie’s hairdo better.

Pullip Callie

Both dolls have the same super feathery lashes, which I adore, and the beautiful dot detail on the eyelid that you can see in the photo above. Between those features and these big twinkles on the eyes, which are so cute, I do really want to adopt one of them. Right now I think Callie is winning, but I’m still not sure. Only time will tell!

What do you all think of Cassie and Callie? Will you be getting one, both, or neither? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Update 5/26/16

Pullip Dolls Cassie and Callie

Update! Groove has posted new photos of Cassie and Callie and their website and they are adorable. I’ve added all the new photos, including a super cute sketch of the two, to the gallery below.


Cassie 18,100 JPY ($167 USD)
Callie 18,100 JPY ($167 USD)
* If you have a better pre-order price or a US shop please leave a comment with a link!



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