Ever After High: Birthday Ball Duchess Swan, C.A. Cupid, and Blondie Lockes

Last summer I stopped collecting Ever After High dolls in favor of Monster High, but lately I’ve found myself wanting to just pick up Birthday Ball edition Cedar Woods and Rosabella Beauty. The fantasy hair colors, the cute outfits, and, best of all, the fact that they are freaking scented, made me want to give in … and that was before I realized they were making more Birthday Ball dolls. Now I have those two and I’m getting ready to adopt the three below as soon as they hit the shelves. Update 6/8/16: These budget dolls are NOT scented!

Duchess SwanC.A. Cupid, and Blondie Lockes are all up on Amazon right now and all of them seem to be readily available. Let’s take a closer look at the new Birthday Ball dolls. Click any of the dolls to view a larger image.

Ever After High Birthday Ball Duchess Swan

Duchess Swan is all in lavender, which I love, purple being one of my favorite colors. Her dress is three colors of purple, plus white, and has a quasi-damask pattern. Her face still looks pretty mean though which I don’t love, even though I know it’s part of her character. Duchess’ mean mugging makes me think that Mattel should have given the cute reboot to Ever After High instead of Monster High, but that’s my opinion. There has been a revision of the EAH faces, but it’s … not good. That’s post for another time, however.

Duchess’ accessories (click to view larger) for the ball are a bow headband (that sticks up off of her head? I think they might change it for wide release), a lavender purple round present purse with purple bow, an elaborate silver necklace/chest plate, and lavender wedding cake shoes.  Those shoes are rococo crazy and I love everything about them. I wonder if she will smell like wedding cake.

Ever After High Birthday Ball C.A. Cupid

C.A. Cupid, sigh. For me she is the weakest of the three because part of what I love about this series is the crazy hair swaps and hers is exactly the same as it always is. As Splendidly Sinister suggested to me online a “green” Apple White would have been amazing and we would have a complete rainbow. Instead we have standard C.A. Cupid and a disrupted rainbow, not cool. Her dress has a corset lace print on top and a three tone filigree heart print on the bottom. I am bored.

C.A. Cupid’s accessories are her wings that double as a necklace, magenta bow headband with bronze heart, pastel pink cupcake shoes, and magenta and pink box purse with bow. The star of this doll is these shoes, which are amazing. I’m also assuming she’s going to smell like a cupcake, which is delightful.

Ever After High Birthday Ball Blondie Lockes

Blondie Lockes is dressed in blue with yellow accents and has sky blue hair, which I am thrilled by. She is wearing a sleeveless, sweetheart dress with a damask and bear pattern in white and two shades of blue. The skirt has pastel yellow stripes accenting it, making her the one doll out of this trio who is not monochromatic.

Ever After High Birthday Ball Blondie Lockes Accessories

Blondie’s accessories are a dark blue headband with bow and feather details, a gold bow necklace, pastel blue macaron shoes, and a dark blue and pastel yellow bow motif purse. The necklace is a little clunky for me, but it is more than made up for by those shoes. I am completely in love with them and, I believe, she may just be scented like blueberry macarons.

What do you all think of these new Birthday Ball dolls? I know I’m going to get them all and I’m going to be waiting for a Green Apple White, too. I would love to hear your thoughts on this trio in the comments.

News via Splendidly Sinister
Images via Amazon (individually credited)



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